Young Women for Awareness,
Agency, Advocacy & Accountability

“Through YW4A, young women have the opportunity to take part in several activities that help young women develop a better understanding of the obstacles and problems that they face in society…I hope that we, as young women, reach a point where we are able to lead change, contribute to raising awareness of women’s issues, and train other young women who need to know and demand their rights and protect themselves,”

Wallah, 23, Ramallah, Palestine.

The YW4A Initiative’s strategic objective is to defend and expand the fulfilment of young women’s rights to dignity, bodily integrity and equal participation in decision-making, through the implementation of gender-just policies and laws in Egypt, Kenya, Palestine and South Sudan.

YW4A supports the agency and capacity building of 17,540 young women and 27 women’s rights and faith-based organisations in Egypt, Kenya, Palestine and South Sudan. The objective to enhance their individual and collective transformative actions to advocate and hold decision-makers accountable for women’s rights. This is to be achieved through four interconnected and intrinsically linked pathways.



Explore the inspiring journey of young women's empowerment in Meru, Kisii, and Migori through the transformative #FEMspace sessions under the #YW4A Initiative. From addressing menstrual hygiene challenges to fostering leadership skills and community engagement, read how these initiatives shape a brighter future for 950+ girls.


Discover inspiring stories of resilience from young women in Gaza and the West Bank as they use media activism to amplify their voices and advocate against gender-based violence in conflict zones.

With support from #YW4A, they're shedding light on these issues and empowering their communities. Watch one of their powerful short films, 'Pregnant Women in Gaza… and the Unknown Fate'.

Read more and watch the short film:

Despite political challenges, young women and YWCA Jerusalem stand united to support Gazan women and children through the #YW4A program. Their unwavering determination in extending solidarity and support shines through during hospital events, bringing joy and comfort.

Read more:

"The adoption of a gender policy in our county is long overdue". We echo Neema Brenny Nyaundi's TOT #YW4A programme powerful message, urging the county government to fasten this crucial process. #GBV is a pressing issue in K county, hindering young women from voicing their opinions and taking leadership roles.

Listen to her message where she shares her journey with the transformative #YW4A #leadership training.

#YW4A stands united with the #ThursdaysInBlack movement against violence towards young women and women worldwide, particularly those enduring conflict.

Conflict leads to heightened levels of gender-based violence, with women and girls disproportionately subjected to sexual violence, often used as a tool of war.

Stand with us on #ThursdaysinBlack for social justice and to demand an end to #SGBV.

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May 2024
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The programme, led by the World YWCA, is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, by a consortium of eight core partners and 22 local women’s rights and faith-based organisations.

Read intergenerational opinions and stories of young
women and women driving social change for gender
equality, leadership and eliminating SGBV