Young Women for Awareness,
Agency, Advocacy & Accountability

“Through YW4A, young women have the opportunity to take part in several activities that help young women develop a better understanding of the obstacles and problems that they face in society…I hope that we, as young women, reach a point where we are able to lead change, contribute to raising awareness of women’s issues, and train other young women who need to know and demand their rights and protect themselves,”

Wallah, 23, Ramallah, Palestine.

The YW4A Initiative’s strategic objective is to defend and expand the fulfilment of young women’s rights to dignity, bodily integrity and equal participation in decision-making, through the implementation of gender-just policies and laws in Egypt, Kenya, Palestine and South Sudan.

YW4A supports the agency and capacity building of 17,540 young women and 27 women’s rights and faith-based organisations in Egypt, Kenya, Palestine and South Sudan. The objective to enhance their individual and collective transformative actions to advocate and hold decision-makers accountable for women’s rights. This is to be achieved through four interconnected and intrinsically linked pathways.



Exciting News! Dolphine Kwamboka, Technical Programme Manager in Eastern Africa for the #YW4A Initiative, recently participated as a panellist at the "Unlock the Future" workshop, representing grassroots-level organisations like the World YWCA.

Dophine shared valuable insights on accelerating progress towards Agenda 2030 and the #SDG goals. Her key takeaways from the conference are eye-opening:

🤝 Involving Local and Regional Governments: Including diverse perspectives ensures more effective outcomes.
💬Agile and Focused Conversations: Prioritizing action leads to efficient solutions.
👉 Grounded Approach in Realities: Understanding and addressing youth and women's needs is crucial.

These insights reaffirm our commitment to empowering young voices within the World YWCA programmes. We're dedicated to providing platforms for them to express their needs independently and develop their own solutions intergenerationally.

Learn more on the YW4A initiative:

⭐️Discover the incredible impact of Gwaridi FEMSpace under the #YW4A programme! This collective is empowering their community, addressing forced early marriages & ensuring the safety & education of girls.

📖Read more about their inspiring journey👇

Are you in Nairobi for the UN Civil Society Conference?

Join us for our innovative workshop – Unlocking Change: Visions of transformation for a youth-driven future!

📅Date: May 9, 2024
⏰ Time: 13:15 – 14:30
📍 Location: CR1, in-person, onsite

This session focuses on youth-led innovation, intergenerational solidarity, and the future of civil society engagement.

Did you know? Youth make up half of our global population, yet face significant challenges in contributing to sustainable development due to disproportionate financial burdens.

By 2100, half of the world's young people will be in Africa, amplifying the need for inclusive and effective global governance.

We are excited to announce that our Technical Programme Manager in Eastern Africa for the #YW4A Initiative, Dolphine Kwamboka, will be speaking at this event. Join us as we envision transformative pathways and mobilise action for a world where young changemakers are at the heart of decision-making. Your voice matters in shaping a future that embraces intergenerational equity and sustainable progress!

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🌟 Discover the impact of Gwaridi FEMSpace under the #YW4A programme! This collective stands united to empower each other and address the challenges faced by girls in their community, including forced early marriages.

Recently, they rescued a young girl from forced marriage, taking crucial steps to ensure her safety and education. From confronting forced early marriages to advocating for girl's education, their impact is undeniable.

📖 Read their inspiring story and learn how they're making a real difference in Meru County 👉

Faith to Action Network Equality Now Kit Young Women's Christian Association – YWCA Kenya YWCA Palestine YWCA South SudanIbrahimia Media Center – مركز الإبراهيمية للإعلام

📢 #YW4A updates from Egypt! The World YWCA recently led a dynamic 2-day training session, bringing together 13 passionate young women.

🔍 The focus? Feminist Consultation Methodology and essential Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) skills. This transformative journey saw participants delve into feminist approaches, master M&E tools, and harness the power of storytelling as a tool for empowering data collection. Through interactive activities and lively discussions, these young women emerged equipped with valuable insights and practical skills.

👉 This training marks a crucial step in activating the role of the Young Women Reference Group within the #YW4A programme. Their contribution is pivotal in monitoring the programme's outcomes, ensuring its effectiveness and impact.

📚 Learn more about Feminist Consultation Methodology:

📑 For more information on the YW4A initiative, check the website:

Faith to Action Network Equality Now Young Women's Christian Association – YWCA Kenya YWCA Palestine Ibrahimia Media Center – مركز الإبراهيمية للإعلام


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The programme, led by the World YWCA, is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, by a consortium of eight core partners and 22 local women’s rights and faith-based organisations.

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