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The work of World YWCA and its YW4A partners relies on the principles of engagement, inclusion, participation and transparency. Your feedback is important to us as it helps us to know where you think we are doing well or ways you think we can improve. you can contact YW4A bellow.


    If you send us positive feedback, we will convey your compliments to the people most directly responsible.

    If there are any concerns relating to the actions of the World YWCA or its YW4A partners, we offer a mechanism to address these concerns. We encourage you to submit feedback to us via or phone + 41 22 929 6040.

    Please read the World YWCA Feedback and Complaints Policy for full information on the scope and procedures.

    If you have feedback or complaints about the work of a World YWCA member association or related associations, please, read the Statement of Complaints against World YWCA Member Associations.

    To know more about the World YWCA visit the World YWCA website.

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