The Impact of RiseUp! Leadership in Egypt

The RiseUp! Transformative Leadership training coupled with the Psychological First Aid training for non-professionals, developed and facilitated by World YWCA, has proven to be transformative, instilling confidence and self-esteem in its participants. 

The impact of this training is best exemplified through the personal stories of young women who have undergone the training, as there are discernible shifts in attitudes and beliefs within families and communities. 

Photo: Young women from Giza, Egypt particpating in the RiseUp! Transformative Leadership training.

For instance, positive outcomes were observed for two young women from the second Cohort in Egypt, whose families, after witnessing the positive changes in their daughters, allowed them to participate in a three-day camp—a previously unthinkable feat. This experience equipped them with new skills and knowledge and encouraged them to step outside their comfort zones and expand their horizons.

Photo: Women's rights organisations in Alexandria, Egypt participate in a Psychological First Aid training for non-professionals facilitated by the World YWCA.

The success of the RiseUp! training extends beyond individual participants to encompass their families and communities at large. 

Building on the foundation of leadership skills acquired through the training, young women have furthered their impact by becoming facilitators in Young Women Clubs within their Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs). This development enhances their confidence and enables them to share their knowledge with other young women and practice their leadership skills effectively.

Photo: Young women during the Psychological First Aid training for non-professionals.

Moreover, by empowering young women with knowledge, skills, and legal information, the RiseUp! training has successfully amplified their voices and protected their bodily integrity. An illustrative example comes from a participant in Cohort Two, who, armed with newfound beliefs and understanding gained from the training, took decisive action to protect her daughter from female genital mutilation (FGM). 

These outcomes underscore the vital role of the RiseUp! Leadership training in driving positive change at the individual level and within families and communities ultimately contributes to a more equitable society.