Batool’s Bold Stand for Inclusive Gender Equality at Women Deliver 2023

During the Women Deliver 2023 conference in Kigali, Rwanda—a dynamic gathering marked by solidarity and activism – Batool Sanad, a passionate young women delegate from Palestine representing the YW4A programme, actively participated in a workshop focused on the intricate factors influencing global gender equality efforts. This diverse assembly, attended by world leaders, women’s rights advocates, and gender activists, aimed to push the gender equality agenda forward.

Photo: Batool Sanad.

Having undergone transformative leadership training through the YW4A initiative, Batool found herself at a decisive moment where her unique perspective collided with the conference note-taker’s discretion.

Initially hesitant to include Batool’s viewpoint on the implications of the Israeli occupation in her homeland, the note taker was met with Batool’s courage, drawn from the empowering atmosphere of the conference and her YW4A experience. The YW4A programme, dedicated to amplifying young women’s voices regardless of their circumstances, had equipped Batool with the belief that all perspectives should be valued.

Confronted with a moment of hesitation, Batool chose to advocate for her opinion, guided by a sense of ownership and a desire to share her reality with the world. Calmly and articulately, she insisted on the inclusion of the occupation as a crucial factor hindering gender equality efforts on the ground in her country. Supporting her stance with facts and examples drawn from personal experiences, Batool emphasized the role of the note-taker in ensuring the representation of all viewpoints during the workshop.

Photo: Batool participating in leadership building activities at Women Deliver 2023.

This incident underscores the power of inclusive dialogue and the strength derived from a supportive environment. Batool’s persistence ultimately compelled the note-taker to acknowledge and incorporate her input, showcasing the importance of diverse perspectives in discussions surrounding global gender equality. It serves as a testament to the YW4A programme’s commitment to empowering young women to become advocates for change on an international stage.

Photo: Batool and other young women at the Women Deliver 2023 Conference earlier this year.